A Day in the Life of a Plus Size Model

If you recall a recent blog post of mine London Calling you will know that I was invited to take part in a plus size modelling competition with the amazing Scarlett & Jo who teamed up with Ms Curvaceous UKI was so nervous having never done anything like this before but I went, I did it and I conquered my fears!! Here are my highlights from the day!

PicMonkey Collage

I had been chatting with a few of the other ladies travelling from Scotland and we decided to fly down to London together. So I was up at 3am on the Saturday morning to get ready and travel to the airport. WOW what a shock to the system I’m not usually a morning person never mind a 3am morning person, I felt like I had entered the twilight zone and looked somewhat like an extra from The Walking dead!


It’s official 3am DOES NOT suit me!!

After making myself look semi presentable or at least like a living being again and after the mammoth task of squeezing myself into the demon shapewear…I headed off to the airport to meet the other girls. Finally we get through airport security after the other 2 are searched due to a powdered eye-shadow being screened as a liquid and some oversized deodorant!

We were all set and ready to go then we get the dreaded BING BONG “Air traffic in London is very busy at the moment unfortunately we have a delay of around 10 minutes” oh ok 10 mins that isn’t so bad we will still make it on time, 10 mins pass and we started to pull off the nerves are kicking in now this is really happening…



On the plane super excited and ready to go…Watch out London here we come!!

BING BONG “Unfortunately we are experiencing difficulties the warning light for the breaks has just come on and we are awaiting an engineer” oooh shiiit this can’t be good!! The engineer finally arrived and we find it was a computer fault and there were no issues with the breaks, Captain announces we would be leaving in the next few minutes.

BING BONG “Unfortunately we have some more bad news we have no airspace and air traffic control are telling us it will be another 1.5hr before we can take off unless another slot opens up” NO NO NO this cannot be happening!!

After a good 15-20 mins of panic, being unable to find Scarlett & Jo phone number, frantic emails and Facebook posts telling them we will be late we FINALLY set off as a space opened up!! Flight was smooth and only took 1hr but we eventually land in London!


View of Tower Bridge from London Bridge!

After a terrifying taxi ride from Stansted with a crazy taxi driver who couldn’t speak a word of English and drove in the centre of 2 lanes in the road at crazy speeds…We finally arrived at Scarlett & Jo offices around 11am just 1.5hr later than expected!

We head up to the 4th floor for registration and were told what floor we need to be on for wardrobe and our stills. Luckily I was on the 4th floor, hair and make-up and videography were on the 3rd floor. We were given a goody bag which included make-up, nail polish, compact mirrors, leggings and a discount voucher for 50% off!

We were told to head straight down to hair and make-up as this would take the longest. The line is massive so we decided to take it in turns to head up and get our outfits to save some time. My first outfit was a little striped jersey dress. In all honesty I was a little bummed about it everyone else was wearing gorgeous cocktail or evening dresses and I was in a casual everyday dress but I went with it!


I finally got to hair and make-up, the make up artists were working flat out as some hadn’t turned up, so they were up against it with over 100 ladies to prepare!


Make-up photography credit (top right bottom left and right) Ana Pizarro Scarlett & Jo Brand Ambassador

After hair and make-up it was time for the group shot! Beneath London Bridge over 100 of us plus size ladies of all shapes, heights and sizes stopped traffic and posed, modelling the Scarlett & Jo range. Members of the public stopped to watch lots of themtaking pictures and one guy asked if it was a cleavage convention!!


Such an empowering moment!

After this it was back up to wardrobe because at this point I was melting in the Jersey dress so had to change. It would be perfect for Autumn/Winter.

I tried on so many different dresses but I fell in love with this blue lace fishtail maxi dress! So much so that when I got home I ordered it for myself in both blue and red!! However this wasn’t the dress I was wearing, so yep you guessed it was another quick dress change!


Photograph credit Laura Ferry (What Laura Loves) Laura is also a Scarlett & Jo Brand Ambassador

Down to Videography on the 3rd floor. This was such a surreal experience getting filmed turning on the spot and posing into the camera giving “Generous smiles”. This was probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do wearing heels!

Then it was back up to the 3rd floor to have still shots with the wonderful Diana Thompson, the photographer for the medium and petite ladies. Diana is such a fantastic lady and put everyone at ease! You can find her on Instagram @grungekittyphogeek 


Scarlett & Jo provided lunch for us however I was so busy I didn’t have time to stop to eat but it looked delicious. A selection of sandwiches, wraps and nibbles along with tea, coffee and sparkling water on tap!

So after another outfit change…this time I was asked to model a black lace dipped hem tunic with leggings, which I also fell in love with and bought on the day!! It was then back down for more videography! By this point it was around 3pm and I was starting to get tired, struggling to spin without falling over, the blisters were forming from wearing heels all day and I couldn’t remember my Vogue from my Whatevers…but I was STILL having an amazing time!!


Me and Fiona in line for our 2nd outfit stills…Photography credit Fiona Smit (Ramblings from Bonnie Scotland)

After a long day of dressing up, being treated like a princess, modelling some of the most flattering and glamorous outfits and meeting some of the nicest inspiring ladies and new found friends it was time for wrap party and a much needed sugar rush…Cupcakes and Prosecco what’s not to love!


The overall experience was an experience I will never forget. I tried something I never dreamt of doing, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, met so many inspiring and empowering women, I found a love for a new style I had never tried before who would have thought I would love lace, I made new friends and most of all had a fantastic time being treated like a superstar!!

We still have two weeks before the overall winners are announced…but for me it wasn’t about the competition it was about a new experience, about pushing myself and gaining back that confidence I had lost. So if anyone from Scarlett & Jo is reading this I want to thank you Scarlett & Jo, for the opportunity to be a model for the day and for giving me something better than any modelling contract or even pretty dresses…you have given me back ME not the shy hiding in the corner with the baggy jumper me, but the confident I want to stand out in the crowd looking glam me that I always used to be and for that I will forever be grateful!


Peace out pretties thanks for reading!

❤ debz xx


The Bare Minerals Effect


I recently decided to try a different brand of make-up. I have always used Bobbi Brown but over the winter period I didn’t care for my skin as well as I should and my skin suffered as a result, which meant my trusty foundation didn’t look as good on my skin.I was off to buy a different foundation from the Bobbi Brown range when a friend recommended that I try Bare Minerals. She sold it to me as “A mineral foundation with fantastic coverage with the full starter kit costing the same as a Bobbi foundation alone.” I was a bit dubious but after reading a few reviews and watching some YouTube I decided to give it a try.

First off I bought a Complexion starter Kit in the shade Medium. I bought my kit from QVC £30.92 + £4.95 p&p however it can also be purchased direct from Bare Minerals and online or at the counters at high street stores such as Debenhams for around £39.56c29b7691ad8104059499_w1100The kit comes in a handy little make up bag and consists of :

  • Prime Time Original Primer 15g
  • Bare Minerals SPF15 Original Foundation 2g
  • Bare Minerals SPF15 Matte Foundation 2g
  • All-Over Face Colour in Shade Warmth 0.57g
  • Mineral Veil Finishing Powder 0.75g
  • Flawless Application Face Brush

As soon as it arrived I couldn’t wait to try it and although I had watched various videos I was sceptical that it would actually provide any kind of decent coverage. I was surprised by how small the brush was…more like a powder brush than anything else although I suppose Bare Minerals is a powder so that would make sense duh!!

First you prep your face using the primer using only a pea sized amount then smooth it over anywhere your skin needs evened out i.e large pores or acne. It works well and makes your skin feel silky smooth like a baby’s butt! Leave it set for 3o seconds.

I decided to try the Original first as the Matte is recommended for oily skin and my skin tends to be quite dry. The instructions are simple just 3 steps SWIRL, TAP, BUFF.
12953068_10208833333061752_1024518395_oYou have to tap a small amount of powder into the lid. I opened it to just 1/2 of the 1st hole and used a small amount about the size of a 5p. The next step is swirl the brush into the powder this apparently warms the minerals and gives a better coverage. Tap off the excess back into the lid. Then gently buff the powder onto your skin. I was dubious and in my mind there was no way that tiny amount was going to cover my face.

I started to buff the powder onto my skin as directed and straight away I could see a difference. It felt light on the skin like I wasn’t wearing any foundation and it gives a smooth finish.

To get a good coverage I had to tap a bit more powder into the lid but I still used considerably less than I would my usual foundation plus I didn’t use concealer which was a bonus! When you have buffed the foundation in you add warmth with the all-over face cover to the places the sun would hit then seal it in with the mineral veil using the same swirl, tap, buff method. 12887326_10208720584563110_341074178_oThe only real problem I had was the damn brush it shed more than a dog in spring. I have to admit it gave great coverage, it felt light and wasn’t at all cakey however I had chosen the wrong shade for my skin tone.

I felt confident that Bare Minerals was a good brand I liked the feeling of wearing no makeup and I liked that it gave me a subtle glow without looking like I had been hit with a wotsit! It is cheaper than my normal brand and with the added bonus of no concealer I would be saving a small fortune. However I couldn’t stick with the shade I had chosen if I was going  to continue using it.

I decided to give a the shade Light a try and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I bought it as part of another 7 piece set called Candlelight Glow (I will give a full review soon) which comes with blush, eyeshadow, illuminator, lipgloss, eyeliner and a mascara.


Thanks for reading ❤ Debz xx


Amy Schumer hits out at plus size label


Here we go again…Yet another deluded perception of a “FAT” celebrity. Amy schumer has been labeled “Plus Size” in a special bonus edition of Glamour Magazine in the USA. Amy has hit back at being labeled plus size posting to Instagram Capture

“Young girls seeing my body type thinking that is plus size? What are your thoughts? Mine are not cool glamour not glamourous.”

In the U.K Amy is a size 12-14 is this really what we deem as a plus size woman?! Following on from my last post…is this the message we want to relay to our daughters you are a size 12-14 you are fat. Shaming our children into weight obsession, yo yo dieting, mental health problems and increasing the risk of bulimia/anorexia…Thanks Glamour Magazine as if my child doesn’t have enough to deal with growing up let’s throw in some body shaming and toss some labels around to make her feel inferior.

When are we going to stop with the shaming. I am a plus size woman. I am a size 20, I am fat and my arse wobbles more than jelly in an earthquake…but I would never dream of telling someone else that they are too fat or too skinny. We are who we are. We should be embracing our body be it full of curves and wobbles or hard lines and edges. We should be empowering women and supporting each other. Our body, our looks, our size or our style do not define us as people. I do believe that beauty comes from within be kind, be brave, be confident and remember YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.


❤ debz xx

BoPo Teach your child to love the skin they are in 💋

Every day through the media we are told that in order to be beautiful we have to look a certain way, dress a certain way and be a certain size but what effect is this having on our children?

I am a mother to a bright, beautiful, kind, loving, creative and generous 12 year old girl. I didn’t give birth to Tee but the second I met her I knew that I would love her and protect her with my life…But how do you protect someone from themselves? Like a lot of girls her age (and unfortunatley some much younger) Tee has low self esteem and a negative body image. She is constantly putting herself down and telling herself she isn’t good enough, she isn’t pretty enough and she believes she is fat!!!


Everyday I tell her how beautiful she is, how pretty she looks and remind her of how proud she makes me. I reinforce the message that we are who we are and we should embrace ourselves, not hide away or change to fit with what others deem beautiful.

But when Tee reads magazines or watches t.v all she is met with is flawless celebs, airbrushed to perfection, who have make up artists and stylists making them look good. She is told what she should be wearing then made to feel rubbish if she doesn’t have this seasons latest fashion trend. She is met with body shaming and it is constantly drummed to her to diet or get the perfect beach body!

I am sure you will remember in 2012 Karl Lagerfeld called Adele “FAT” in an interview with Metro  and last year Katie Hopkins slammed Kelly Clarkson’s weight on Twitter, while Jamelia said stores shouldn’t cater for plus size ladies during a loose women appearance. Body shaming is constantly in our children’s faces teaching them from a young age that they are fat, ugly and worthless.

We as a society should be empowering our daughters not shaming them. We should be teaching them to love themselves and their body. Be healthy YES but not to the point where they obsess over their body shape or image. We need to remind our daughters they are beautiful and build them up to be strong, confident young women after all they are the future!!


Thanks for reading ❤ Debz xx

Eat it or Wear it – Natural Skin Care

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will be aware that I have entered a competition to become the face of SCARLETT & JO a gorgeous clothing range for plus size beauties ❤ The event in itself is set to be a day to remember with over 150 plus size ladies in attendance with hair, make-up, outfits, lunch, prosecco and cupcakes provided this will be an experience and a half!! But what us ladies didn’t know until today was that Scarlett & Jo have teamed up with Ms Curvaceous UK a model management agency who also hold the high esteemed Ms Curvaceous UK Modelling Competition and ONE of us lucky ladies will be given a guaranteed place in the semi final! PicMonkey CollageTHIS however is where the hard work, blood, sweat and tears come in…where I have to prepare myself both mentally and physically. I need to wax those hairy bits and make myself shine like a star and release that inner goddess who has been hidden for so so long!!

In my preparation I have been researching how to get the perfect skin. I have read all the usual tips cleanse, tone and moisturise (which is already part of my daily routine) drink plenty of water, sleep for at least 23hrs of the day and have regular facial treatments from a salon! But what I wanted was a cheap and natural alternative to the salon something that would give the same results at a fraction of the cost that didn’t involve cheap shop bought face masks full of chemicals. After hours of research this is what I came up with!

DIY strawberry, chocolate and honey face mask.


3-4 Strawberries – Strawberry is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and contains salicylic acid. Strawberries are fantastic for removing dead skin cells and when used regularly can help clear blemishes and prevent acne.

1-2 Tbsp Cocoa – Cocoa is high in antioxidants which have been known to aid collagen production and tighten skin combatting fine lines and wrinkles. It is a great skin exfoliator.

1-2 Tbsp Honey – Honey is well known for it’s moisturising properties leaving the skin feeling silky smooth. It is rich in antioxidants which are anti ageing. Honey is also antibacterial, opens and unclogs pores and help clear blemishes.

PicMonkey Collage

STEP 1: Remove the leaves and wash your strawberries then bash them up until they form a pulp. Add in the honey and the cocoa. Be careful to add the cocoa slowly as the powder will fly everywhere!

STEP 2: Mix the ingredients together in a bowl until they form a chocolatey paste. It smells amazing I had to stop myself from licking the spoon!

STEP 3: At this point I gave it a spell in the microwave for 15 seconds to warm it through as heat help to open the pores. Be sure to check it is warm and not hot as everyone’s microwave is different. (This step is optional)

STEP 4: Using a mask brush (or in my case an old foundation brush as mine had mysteriously vanished…damn my teenybopper daughter!!), brush the mixture gently on to your face if it seems a little runny add a bit more cocoa powder. It should feel like a clay/mud mask.

Step 5: Put your feet up for 15-20 minutes and relax! You may feel some tingling at this point this is good it shows the mask is working (however if it gets itchy or starts to burn remove it immediately and consult your GP)


STEP 6: After 15-20 mins your mask should be dry to the touch. Wet your fingers and massage your face this will loosen the mask and give your face a gentle exfoliation.

STEP 7: Remove the mask with lukewarm water then pat your face dry.

STEP 8: Use your toner and moisturiser as you would normally. Then you are ready to go!

You may find your skin has some redness after the treatment (as may happen with any facial treatment in a salon) this is to be expected as you are removing excess dirt, oil and the dead skin cells from your skin. This should last no more than a few hours.

I am pleased with the results. After this treatment my skin felt much tighter and I noticed an improvement in the puffiness/bags around my eyes. My skin also felt smoother! It felt like I had just come from the salon after an expensive treatment only I was at home and it probably cost me around 50p! Not only that it smells amazing!
Capture           Before, during and after!!

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope it has given you some inspiration to try something new ❤ Debz xx

London Calling

I have always loved fashion, always followed the magazines and loved on the the latest trends but being plus size and petite I was terrified to experiment. I found it hard to find clothes that fit and always felt self conscious and fat. As a result I could generally be found rocking the hobo look, scruffy old jeans and a huge oversized comfy jumper SUPER SEXY!

imageThis was me back in autumn 2012, looking frumpy and so much older than 26!!

I have however recently discovered that plus size petite doesn’t have to mean frumpy and baggy. There is a whole world of fashion for us bigger folks out there to experiment with and that is exactly what I intend to do!

A few months ago I came across a plus size brand that I fell in love with Scarlett & Jo. Well known for their range of the most stunning dresses for the fuller figure. The range is available to buy direct from their website or from other plus size fashion outlets such as Simply Be, Yours Clothing and Evans


On one of the many days I spent browsing the Scarlett & Jo Facebook page I came across a competition they were running to “BECOME THE FACE OF S&J” so not thinking I would get anywhere I sent my details off along with a few pics. To my surprise I received an email little over 1 week later informing me that I had been shortlisted and could I attend a photoshoot event in London April 23rd 2016!!


After the initial shock and excitement I accepted the invitation! So on 23rd April I will be in London for a photoshoot and modelling something from Scarlett & Jo’s new petite range! There will be 3 winners in all, one fore each category to be the face of Petite / Tall / Scarlett & Jo. I am beyond excited and I can’t wait for the day to arrive.

In the build up to the shoot I will be highlighting how I am preparing! Having never done this before and not being a professional I have to work on my Vogue!!

Here is my #OOTD not Scarlett & Jo but another of my favourite brands Sprinkle of Glitter for Simply Be. what do you think?! Big change from the 2012 pic above huh!!


I am wearing:

Sprinkle of Glitter Dungaree Dress available in a size 12-32 and costs £40.

Sprinkle of Glitter Stripe Jersey Top  now in the Simply Be outlet. Available in size 14 – 28 and now costs just £12.

I am wearing my fave Converse that were bought from an exclusive to JD Sports range last year…yes they are well worn but I just can’t bare to throw them!!

Thanks for reading!!

❤ Debz xx

Am I becoming Self(ie) Obsessed?!

As a nation we are becoming more and more self obsessed and as the not so humble SELFIE takes over you might find yourself asking am I a selfie addict?!?!



Here are 5 surefire signs that show you are a selfie fiend!!


1. WHAAAAT SMILE?!?! No way smiling is soooo not cool…Smouldering eyes and duck lips are hot right?



2. When your phone dies mid selfie upload…And you feel life just isn’t worth living anymore 😦



3. You should be working but instead you’re taking a selfie with your colleagues.


4. You used to have bingo wings…now you have one bingo wing and one mega toned arm from constantly holding a selfie stick!



5. You used to grab your bag before leaving the house BUT now it’s bag, phone, selfie stick, WAIT let me take a selfie…



SOOO there you have it! I fear that I may be becoming a selfie addict…Are you a self confessed selfie addict? Feel free to share your selfies or stories in the comments.

❤ Debz xx